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Before project I.AM. I was wondering around at the streets of Langa, trying to figure out how I can make a better future for myself. I always have wanted to be a camera man, but I have never had the chance to learn. Project I.AM. gives me the chance to learn everything there is about camera’s, so I can boost my skills and make a start at becoming the camera man I want to be.


Teachers Bob & Alex: “Sandile is very eager to become a cameraman. On set he has experience with shooting interviews, establishing shots from a tripod and close-ups. He is very eager to learn all about the camera, because this is his number 1 passion. So the focus should be to develop his camera skills.”

Mentors Miriam & Anne: “Sandile has a great passion for the camera and he is very eager to learn all that he can about camerawork. He wants to invest in himself so after Project I.AM. he wants to go to the library in Capetown twice a week to read and study more about camera’s. He also has good idea’s about possible stories to make a video about and has shown he has a view on marketing and commercial ideas.



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