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“My dream is to be great in all that I undertake. To be the best that I can possibly be. I wish to be a renown producer, director, even camera woman and chief director one day. I am willing and eager. I learn fast and have the end goal in mind when working on a project, no matter how big or small.

Project I.AM catered to a need and desire that has been brewing in my soul for the longest time. I now have the knowledge and experience to be everything I can be in this industry because of Project I.AM. I will continue to use all that I have learnt and acquired to be the best that I possibly can be.”


Teachers Bob & Alex about Nzwaki: “Nzwaki is a real people person, and a very bright intelligent young woman. She has talent in writing, producing and as a researcher. She has an eye for details and shots. Nzwaki has great verbal skills and has the ability to bring stories to live with strong interviewing skills. On-set she understands the basics of framing shots and is good at making decisions during the editing process.”

Mentors Miriam & Anne about Nzwaki’s development as a student: “From the start Nzwaki has shown us a great spirit with a great mentality and positive attitude. She is a very smart  young woman who is very eager and motivated to learn all she can. She has great passion for film- and videomaking. She is a great teamplayer and has all the potential to create a future in the creative industry for herself.”


Film projects

Take a look at some of the most recent films NZWAKI MAPOMA worked on.