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“I AM what I dream of. I. AM has given me a great opportunity to realize that I can be everything I dream off. Achieving my dream is what I strive for. I learned new skills and I will keep improving them and hopefully become an expect. When growing I read a lot of books and was always fascinated about people and their stories. I am starting to get the confidence of being a successful film maker. Thanks to project I. AM. i am now in the molding process of making my dreams come through.

Project I. AM is important for Langa because not only does it educate ,but it gives you practical education with real life experience .Which get you to get the broader view of what goes on about everything on film making. I personally learned that I could make my thoughts and dreams in life to come through. I learned that I could tell the world my visions through creating the emotion I feel through film making.”


Teachers Bob & Alex: “Mthuthu has great conceptual and storytelling skills. He had proven to be able to single handly organise shoots and take the lead during interviews. As a director he is very involved with the characters and their story.  He understands the basics of working with a camera, steadycam and editing software. Mthuthu has excellent workethic. He is creative, full of ideas, and show potential in storytelling and is a natural teamleader. He like’s the whole process of filmmaking and wants to learn from scriptwriting to editing.  But he could easily grow into the specific role of a director.”

Mentors Miriam & Anne: “Mthuthu is one of the more experienced students and has a kind, patience and enthusiastic personality. From the start of Project I.AM. he excelled in social skills, eagerness and drive to get the most out of the workshops. He has a positive effect on the other students by setting the good example and shows so much potential as a storyteller. He has great passion for the camera, researching stories and is open to learn everything about the process of film & video production.”



Film projects

Take a look at some of the most recent films MTHUTHU MSIZI worked on.