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“My dream is to become a great director, and being a part of I.AM. is the first step in the right direction. I want to give it my all, 100% to make this work. With I.AM. I got to learn all the basic skills of video production and it really gave me the chance to unlock and see my potential. I discovered that I am a good producer and a good filmer. I want to develop these skills more and more to reach my goal and become a director. Another goal is to share my skills eventually with the next generation from Capetown’s Township so others can benefit from it too.”


Teachers Bob & Alex: “Masixole is a great teamplayer. He is a great asset to have on-set because of his enthusiasm and caring personality and geniune interest. He is good at pre-producing videos and has the basic skills of working with a camera. Masixole is good with the steadycam and creative in terms of shots. He has an excellent eye on production, planning skills organizing and communicating with crew & actors on set.”

Mentors Miriam & Anne: “Masixole has a great upbeat and happy personality which has a positive affect on a group. Because of his great energetic, fun, creative and positive spirit he shows potential in different aspects of filming. He is good in research, planning and also the camera in terms of shots. He has many ideas, suggestions and energy.”


Film projects

Take a look at some of the most recent films MASIXOLE RENGQE worked on.