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How did it come to be that one became involved in such a wonderful initiative?

It was clear from the get go that there would be a lot involved in this project but I think none of us could have prepared for what was in store.

The first time I heard about Project I.AM was before I saw the logo nor even knew that it was a township film school that was about to change the lives of a few township youngsters, who were passionate about the industry.

When Siviwe, the local project manager told me about Project I.AM and how he was looking for youngsters who were interested, I then did what naturally came to me…I went into producer mode. I whipped out my phone and started posting about Project I.AM and about how it was a great opportunity for all those who were interested and passionate about the film industry.

A lot of people responded to my posts showing interest but some were in other provinces of the country and some thought that I was offering them a job. Some were chancers but I eventually ended up with five willing and able people for the first phase of the project. I became the liaison between the potential student and Siviwe.

The day of the first induction/workshop came and even then I was there to just meet and greet the potential students, make sure that everyone was there and things went accordingly, with the intention to then leave. To my surprise, I found myself standing behind a camera, adjusting the focus, frame and light. And just like that, I was hooked, seriously, hook line and sinker kinda situation.

Anyways, I stayed and took part in the activities of the day upon Siviwe’s request, still oblivious to the fact that I was a potential student. Although I knew that I had an immense amount of passion for the industry, I thought that maybe I was too old and therefore I didn’t even consider the possibility of being part of this amazing venture.

A few weeks later we were working on a second session of interviews and induction and there I was screening more people. A second film crew from Holland came, it was business as usual and a great day once again. This was to be the last selection process.

Imagine me standing with one of the film crew guys, talking casually then I hear him say, “I don’t know if you know but you are the first person to be chosen for the project.” “How is this possible?”, I thought. I didn’t even audition…I just answered a few questions on camera, helping out and now I hear that I am one of the lucky few who will be taught by this amazing team…”What!” I was blown away, wowed to the max. And that is how this it all started with me and this marvelous marriage we have going on.